Results for the 3D Self-Trapping Random Walk

Average number of steps before termination: 3953.65 +-0.20
Average number of failed attempts: 1426.55 +-0.07
Number of walks in simulation 1.1*109


Results of simulation, comparison with exact probabilities
Enumeration of all self-trapping walks of length 12
Count self-trapping walks up to length 19
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Distribution of end point distance
Comparison of average Euclidean and Manhattan displacements


Probability density for the number of steps before trapping occurs
The following two diagrams are for self-avoiding walks:
Asymptotic Behavior of Mean Square Displacement
Asymptotic Behavior of Mean Manhattan Displacement


Fortran program to determine exact probabilities
Fortran program for distance counting
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